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Fast and flexible enterprise applications

Fast-responding systems allow users to be more focused on their work and do more in less time

Understanding customers

More than 20 years experience packed into a software


Deep process discovery and analysis

We automate existing processes and dive into details to find space for optimization

Fast implementation

Prepackaged processes and low-code development platform allow rapid delivery of complex applications

Handcrafted user interface

Each element fits it's purpose. Solution may be tailored for each customer individually

Managed collaboration

Eller provides IT advisory and process automation services, deeply focusing on each individual customer. Our solutions are built on top of our own Softshell framework, designed for rapid deployment in enterprise environments. It is our mission to develop and investigate new technical and process approaches to improve process agility for our customers

Our solutions give team members freedom to work individually or collaborate together, at the same time maintaining strict process governance to achieve measurable and predictible results

Process areas:

  • Ticket processing and support systems
  • Workforce Management
  • Document2Document processes
    (consulting services, bids, requirements authoring...)
  • Projects planning and task scheduling
  • Smart document management
  • Audits, compliance checks, scoring


We want our customers to be in the first row

01Multiple enterprise agendas in a single system

Implement several activities, agendas, processes in a single system. Users may see all their tasks, activities, data and reports in a single window. End-to-end solution for every team and company

02Fast user-friendly UI

We have build a completely new architecture from the scratch to create really fast and user-intuitive applications. Time is too expensive to spend on waiting

03Simple configuration

System can be adapted to specific needs of any organization, without coding or hiring expensive developers. Power users and system administrators can continiously make changes to reflect company growth

04Real-time collaboration

No need to wait for an updated graph or press "Refresh" to see changes by the team. All artifacts are updated instantly while you look at them. Built-in collaboration tools and chat

05Low cost of operation

Our products may run on open-source platforms without need for any additional licensed software. Hardware requirements are much lower due to our own application architecture, saving every tick of CPU


  • Slim modern system architecture

    Classic system development approaches are not adapted to modern business user expectations. We are using hybrid-rendering solution, that allows a WEB application to be as fast and usable as a classic desktop program, but reducing complexity of WEB development

  • Predefined solution modules

    With dozens of predefined solution modules, we individually pick one for each customer and further adapt to the specific situation

  • Definition-driven development

    Process behaviour, user screens, data model and formulas - all are driven by declarative definition with minimum program code. This approach simplifies changing and customizations, reduces effort for testing and risk of unwanted side-effects

  • Strong focus on governance and security

    All applications come with predefined process workflows and permission models. Security model is built into application core.

  • Automated provisioning

    Easy migration from testing to production environment, application automatically performs data migrations and performs configuration changes


Our solutions are implemented in large enterprise organizations: telecommunication operators, service providers, funds, consulting companies and public sector. We value privacy of our clients and do not disclose their names and details without prior consent. If you are interested to know more or arrange a reference visit, our sales department will be happy to help you do so