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Asset management

Efficient governance for enterprise assets

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution covers systematic and strategic management of physical assets, equipment, and facilities in an organization. It is a critical aspect of modern business operations that involves the tracking, maintenance, and optimization of assets to improve business performance and reduce operational costs.

Conclusion Asset Management module provides businesses with a comprehensive view of their assets, enabling them to make data-driven decisions about maintenance and replacement schedules. This ensures that assets are always available and operating at their optimal level, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity. It helps to comply with regulatory requirements and maintain the safety and reliability of valuable assets.

Effective EAM can help organizations to improve asset utilization, reduce maintenance costs, extend asset lifecycles, and improve return on investment. This is particularly important for capital-intensive industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and energy, where the cost of assets can be significant.

  • Asset modelling – Flexible data structures, allowing to capture specifics of each company
  • Registry – Searchable assets registry with multiple views and security settings
  • Reporting – Ad-hoc and periodic reporting on defined metrics
  • Change management – managed process enforcements for keeping data up to date
  • Integration – linking asset information with other domains - automated monitoring, discovery, billing and charging, operation

Assets register

Optimize asset lifecycle management. Manage assets from acquisition to disposal, and everything in between.


Adapt attributes and relations to specific company needs. Predefined models for typical use cases

Planning and forecasting

Improve reliability of long-term forecasts by quick calculations using modern genetic algorithm and live data. Save scenarios for future use. Have online visibility into forecasts to drive business meetings and make proper decisions

Customizable processes

Prepackaged workflows out of the box. System administrators may design own workflows, notifications, add rules and triggers.

Main highlights


Asset Management solution is designed to be a master data place, providing a wide range of APIs and data export/import capabilities for external systems and users

02Flexible configuration

Each company is unique and each process is unique. Our asset management solution offers unlimited possibilities for adjustments and will support changes as Your company grows

03Real-time updates

All information is updated in real-time, making predictions and business decisions more solid

04Flexible reporting

Analyze trends, provide drill-down capabilities for instant operation reporting, react on changes and notify users immediately


Assign, manage and track task completion. Link tasks to specific assets, companies or changes. Assign tasks automatically according to routine maintenance plans


Store contracts, NDAs, technical and financial documentation linked to the assets. System supports versioning, chatting, assigning tasks to the documents etc.