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End-to-end Enterprise Process Management solution

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One application

Team alignment from new ideas to operation

Conclusion brings corporate process management to a new level. Powerful text editing and collaboration tools, slick interface design, customizable workflows and much more in a single box.

What makes Conclusion unique, is a seamless automation of all process steps - from requirements collection to project planning, tracking and task management - in one single solution. No integration between several tools, no need to purchase additional instruments.

There is a significant research behind Conclusion. The interface, data model, workflow engine are optimized to the way people work today in modern companies. Each customer has unique approach and culture, so we provide several predefined methodologies, that can be further extended by the customer.

Example: IT processes automation solutions

Business user

We can submit our ideas and requests to IT and get instant update on progress


Now we have a bridge between business and IT that is easy to implement even in a complex changing organization. One application instead of 5

Program manager

Focusing on business priorities instead of documents, tables and e-mails handling

Product Manager

Drive development roadmap from a single place. When priorities change, they are immediately reflected in development tasks.

Covered enterprise processes

01Requirements collection

There are prepared tools and workflows for all aspects of the process. Users may submit forms, send e-mails, import Word files or input requirements in an old-fashioned way. All tasks are performed with respect to security, privacy in an efficient, rapid fast interface

02Pipeline planning

With any large number of pending requests, even if you have millions of requirements and defects to address, Conclusion allows prioritization and proper resource allocation to have them all right in time

03Project planning and tracking

You can plan and track project activities with linkage to requirements. All changes are propagated immediately to the involved users. Each project may use a different methodology and utilize its own settings. Project may be also used as collaboration workspaces, eliminating need for a separate product

04Task management

Tasks are connected to the requirements and projects, so updating a task status automatically updates everything else

Power of flexibility

People interactions change day by day, so does the system

We know how much companies are struggling with process efficiency, so we've made a technology, allowing change in each function. Everything you see, do or automate in Conclusion may be changed rapidly without need to restart or reconnect users.

Whatever change you make, it is immediately shown to all connected users. No need to press Refresh button or subscribe to page updates. Text editing, discussions, data tables and graphs offer possibility of real-time communication even if team members are working remotely.