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New generation platform for new generation applications

About Softshell

The idea behind Softshell utilizes a different way of web page generation. Instead producing a complete page with data and formatting on the server side, Softshell translates application definition files into dense JavaScript, CSS and HTML5 code and sends it to client on demand, as soon as user might want to need it. The code then generates the display contents directly in the browser.

This approach allows incredible responsiveness of the application interface, combined with faster page loading and server utilization decrease. Softshell supports real-time data updates, automatically distributed to clients, opening new ways of designing collaborative applications.

The technology

Inovative architecture makes Softshell a unique solution

Softshell utilizes multiple existing technologies and introduces some new architectural patterns, developed by Eller. To combine flexibility with performance, we had to rework some traditional approaches and write many lines of code to do things differently.

Main highlights

01Real time

Platform covers all internal semantics, sending data from user to user immediately after change happens. UI, model and workflow modifications can be done under normal operation with no need to restart

02No coding

While maintaining deep compatibility with existing W3C standards and allowing scripting for developers, platform allows creating applications without writing code


Applications may consist of any large number of components. Platform takes care of optimized client-server communication to ensure data are sent only when it is really needed. Component preloading approach reduces network load, client-side rendering reduces server CPU consumption

04Ready to use

Softshell is a production-ready environment with preset components and deployment scenarios. Various types of applications such as CRM, electronic document management and our flagship Conclusion product has been built on top of Softshell, reusing large base of existing screen components